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Welcome to wage calculator, our website which explains the conversion from one remuneration model to another, and which has a number of wage converters at your disposal.

The assumptions throughout our website are that a year has 365 days, as opposed to a leap year in which February has one day more, totaling to 366 days a year.

Thus, the number of weeks in a year is 365 / 7 = 52.1429, and the average length of a month is 365 / 12 = 30.4167.

We assume 8 hours a day during 5 days, so that the total work hours a week equals 8 × 5.

Therefore, our wage calculators default to 40 work hours per week, but you can always change that.

Likewise, the number of work weeks a year defaults to 52.

To obtain the particular number of weeks you work a year, deduct your amount of vacation / holidays in weeks from 52.

If, for example, you have 4 weeks paid leave a year, then you work 52 – 4 = 48 weeks a year.

It stands to reason that all wage conversions are independent of the currency in which the payment is made. Dollars, pounds and euros etc. don’t play a role for the transformation.

Hourly Wage Calculator

In case you are getting paid by the hour, you receive money only the time you actually work. Our app is self-explanatory.


Frequent conversions on our website in the category above include, for example:

Next, you can transform weekly amounts to their monthly, yearly, hourly and biweekly equivalents.

Weekly Wage Calculator

If you’re paid by the week you have paid holidays.

To use this app fill in the requested information, then press the calculate button.


Ahead, you can change your monthly payment to hourly, weekly, biweekly and annual remunerations. We recommend you check it out.

Monthly Wage Calculator

If someone is paid monthly, then vacation and holidays are usually paid leaves.

Our tool assumes there are 30.4167 days in a calendar month.


The next tool allows you to transform your annual salary to your monthly, biweekly, weekly and hourly equivalents. Give it a go, too.

Yearly Wage Calculator

Our yearly wage calculator converts your salary to the equivalent pay per month, week and hour.

Paid leaves normally include holidays and vacation for example.


For instance, frequent transformations on our website in the category above include:

Other Information

Note that our converters are not of the type paycheck calculator or take home pay calculator, because all wages or salaries calculated here are the gross income for a period of time.

The reason is that on a global scale there are too many local, state and federal taxes, let alone health insurance and social security deductions, just to name a few.

And our wage calculators aren’t useful for predicting any income tax either, because your employer may provide you with taxable fringe benefits such as childcare, stock options and employee discounts.

Note that you may also find converted wages, mainly of the type hourly to salary and salary to hourly, using the search form in the sidebar.

The result page which opens contains a list with all relevant posts to your query such as x an hour is how much a week or x a year is how much an hour.

For comments, questions or anything else you might have fill in the designated form at the bottom, or get in touch with us by email using the title “wage calculation”.


We hope, our information has been helpful for you to determine how much you receive before taxes by the time frame under consideration ranging from one hour to one year.

This image sums our content up:

We love to hear from you, especially if you think that something is missing. And for the sake of completeness, in a leap year the number of weeks is 52.2857, and one month has 30.5 days on average.

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– Article written by Mark, last updated on January 30th, 2024